My problem in the class are :
1. I never learn about my topic before, My Major is Geography education and in Indonesia, Geography is not learn about Relligion, in Indonesia Relligion is special topic, what is their relligion they just learn about that, and my relligion is Hindu. That is so different with my topic (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)
But i solving that with prepared all learning material before, and ask question about the topic to someone who is Christian or Islam. for Judaism, because no one Judaism there, i just learn from Internet and the book. In Islam i invited my Islam friends to my class, so they are help me alot to sharing about Islam

2. , In the class there is some student can not speak English so they just speak Bisaya (Local Language) when talk about their opinion or when they presentation.
For solving that I will told the other student to translate that. I must extra understand what they are said

3. Sometimes I can’t explain some definition in English and I will make some gesture or show the picture to explain that