Teaching Plan

Teaching plan that used on the Southern Leyte State University Collage of Teacher Education (SLSU-CTE) Laboratory High School is the semi detail version of lesson plan, it just about 2 or 3 pages per Topic.

This is the example of Lesson Plan from my Mentor (Social Studies Grade 11 Humss)

College of Teacher Education
San Isidro, Tomas Oppus, So.Leyte, Philippines

Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Indtoducttion to World Religion and Beliefs

I. Objective:
– Recite the Apostle’s Creed, The Lord’s Prayer or the Beatitudes,
– Interpret the Parable of the Prodigal Son and
– Explain the core teaching of Christianity

II. Content:
Topic                     : Christianity
Material               : Laptop, LCD Projector, Book and Curriculum Guide

III. Strategy:
A. Preliminary Activities:
1. Prayer
2. Greeting
3. Checking
– Attendance
– Classroom cleanliness

B. Motivation:
– Show a Short Documentary about the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church (Christianity)
– Ask student about their opinion on the Christian faith
– On a power point presentation, show the elements of Christianity.
– Let the student read and recall the Apostle’s Creed, The Lord’s Prayer or the Beatitudes.
– Show The video about “Prodigal Son”
– Let the student relate the video to their own life experiences.

C. Lesson Proper
– The teacher will discuss the following:
– Founder of Christianity
– Christianity’s sacred texts
– Doctrines
– The Uniqueness of Christian God
– Sects of Christianity
– The issues Christianity faced recently

D. Group Discussion
The teacher will devide the class into 3 groups and they will interpret the video on “The Prodigal Son” and relate it to their lives.

IV. Evaluation
Teacher will give questions and chooses and then the student will choose the letter of the best answer.

V. Assignment
Memorize the Apostle’s Creed and The Lord’s Prayer

                                                                                        Prepared by:

                                                                                        Rey C.Guinoo, MAEd.

                                                                                        Subject Teacher