Filipinos Culture

Cock fight

All of us (Student teacher, Colleagues, and Ma’am Lillian’s Family) went to watched Filipinos culture, “cock fighting”.
This was so unique because i can see this live not from TV or videos. Actually in Indonesia, we also have Cock Fighting but not legal at all. In Philippines Cock Fighting is legal.
We watched from above (like VIP place), because the owner of Cock Fighting arena let us to stay there and she like a facilitator for us. She provide us so many lunch, so we had lunch together there with our colleagues and our coordinator (Ma’am Lillian)
It was so awesome, because i could stay in vip place for watched cock fight and then ate some delicious lunch here.

Cock Fighting

And, at this great moment, i also try eat Balut. This is a duck embryo. At the first time i saw this food, it was so scarry. But then, i try to eat that egg with baby duck inside. OMG, i couldn’t explain what i feel. But I need to try it. That was the culture here, and I DID IT !!! It is so yummy, not like what i think before

Yeayy i did it