Summary and Suggestions

6.1.Purpose of practicum

The purpose of the my practicum teaching which are :

  1. To has many new experiences because I can teach in other country
  2. To Improve my speaking skill especially in English because I can improve their English skill both in the teaching in the classroom or in communication with the other people
  3. To Improve my teaching skill
  4. To prepare a good future teacher and taught how to be a real teacher.
  5. To have a good relationship and also can have a new family in the other country
  6. To improve our knowledge about other culture in another country

6.2.Procedures of practicum

The practicum procedure is divided into 4 steps :

  1. Observation
    Observation is an activity to review/observe things in the school, like general information about school, the student, academic support system, pedagogical system applied by the school, teacher’s method of teaching, and the others
  2. Teaching Assistant
    Teaching Assistance is carried out with the cooperating teacher based on their respective subjects
  3. Teaching Practice
    Teaching practice is our individual teaching in the class, the mentor is just supervise us when we practice that.
  4. Teaching Evaluation
    The mentor will reflect us in the evaluation result, so I will know about our deficiency and advantages, and we can reflection ourself from that.

6.3.Outcomes of practicum

There are outcomes of the practicum:

  1. Improve my speaking skill
  2. Improve my teaching skill
  3. Has many new experiences
  4. Learn new culture and education system

6.4.The challenges of practicum

The Challenges during practice are language barrier, in the class there is some student can not to speak English so they just speak Bisaya (Local Language) when talk about their opinion or when they presentation and I will told the other student to translate that. I must extra understand what they are said and sometimes I can’t explain some definition in English and I will make some gesture or show the picture.

6.5.Overall impression

Overall my impression on this project was good, I have a lot experiences. I know about new culture and the other. But at all, the most I love here is Filipinos are so friendly and always make me comfortable. All the student, teacher, other student teacher, and especially my coordinator (Ma’am Lillian) and our buddies really take care of us. I really love it.

6.6.Suggestion for future improvement

The suggestion to future improvement in SEA-Teacher is the home university and the school should know about the major of the student teacher and what their topic already learned in their university. So the school can adjust that with what the topic the student teacher will teach in school, because if they will teach what they haven’t know before, that’s will so difficult, like me, I never learn about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam before, but I got this topic. It’s difficult for me at first, but I can did it.