Finally we arrived ..

This is the first time we visit Philippines, me and Monika (my colleague from Undiksha) depart on August 31 at 11pm and arrived in Manila on September 1 around 3 or 4 in the morning. We arrived in the same time with the other colleagues from Undiksha that went to Philippines too, but we just arrived in Manila, and we need to fly again to Tacloban.

ready to go !! From Bali to Manila

Our flight to Tacloban has been scheduled on 4pm. When we arrive there, Ma’am Stella and Ma’am Lillibath greet us with the warmest welcome.  Actually Ma’am Lillian is the coordinator but she could not come to see us because she need to sends her students to go to the airport which also joining The Sea Teacher program too and did exchange with our campus.

They invite us to have an early dinner near the airport. But Ma’am Stella said this food just like a snacks, because we need to wait the other colleagues from Bengkulu and Jogja that join this program at SLSU-CTE too.

We had a chance to taste the Philippines noodle , actually noodle cup from Philippines, almost have same taste with Indonesian’s noodle but the seafood flavour has a very delocious taste in my tongue

noodle cup from Philippins

Finally, Colleagues from Jogja and Bengkulu arrived. They are Kurnia Selvi and Zaitun. It’s just about 30 minutes and then they come. After that we decide to go to Robinson and bought some dimsum, it is delicious and almost same like Indonesian’s food.

Ma’am Stella and Ma’am Lillibath (Eat Dinner with us in Robinson)

After finish our dinner, they invite us to go to our dormitory, the range from Tacloban to Insidro is quite far enough. We stayed at Cottage President, it’s include in SLSU-CTE, its about 3 hours from Tacloban, and yeah, this is the long trip.

When we arrived at the Cottage, our buddies welcoming us with cherish, the facilities is excellent, our first impression is very comfortable, we were so happy ..