First Time in SLSU-CTE and First Market Day

On September 2, our first activity was Met SLSU-CTE Dean. He was a friendly and kind person. Me, Monika, Kurnia, Zaitun, and Selvi need to introduce ourself to SLSU-CTE Dean.

After meeting with Dean, we met other student teachers here in SLSU-CTE Laboratory High School for discussion about our Lesson Plan.

Student Teacher

In the afternoon, we introduce ourself to SLSU’s President. She was so beautiful and a friendly woman ^.^

And Finally !!! We went to Sogod for bought some foods and the other stuff, that day were a market day !! It took 30 minutes with Motorcap (it is look like bus) to go to Sogod, it’s really far to just go to the market.. maybe because it is my first time?

On The Way to Sogod (Market)

Arrived in the cottage, we cooked together and also have dinner together ^.^ we were really like a real family ^.^