Measurement and Evaluation System

Southern Leyte State University Laboratory School on the measurement and evaluation system uses the standards set out in Curriculum K.12. The system used includes: Formative, Summative, dan Authentic Assessment.

Formative Assessment
Integrated into all parts of the lesson. Basically, every lesson has three parts: before the lesson, during the lesson, and after the lesson. Formative Assessment conducted in each part serves a different purpose.
A. Before the Lesson
Formative Assessment is carried out namely before the lesson is told by the teacher about students’ understanding of the lesson/topic before giving direct instruction. It helps teachers understand where students stand in terms of conceptual understanding and application. The Formative Assessment provides bases for making an instructional decision, such as moving on to a new lesson or clarifying prerequisite understanding.
B. During the Lesson
Formative Assessment conducted during the lesson proper informs the teacher about the progress of the students in relation to the development of the learning competencies. It also helps the teacher determine whether instructional strategies are effective. The results of formative assessment given at this time may be compared with the results of formative assessment given before the lesson to establish if conceptual understanding and application have improved. On this basis, the teacher can make decisions on whether to review, re-teach, remediate, or enrich lesson and subsequently when to move on to the next lesson.
C. After the Lesson
Formative Assessment conducted after the lesson assesses whether learning objectives were achieved. It also allows the teacher to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction. Students who require remediation and/or enrichment should be helped by the teacher using appropriate teaching strategies.

Summative Assessment
This form of assessment measures the different ways learners use and apply all relevant knowledge, understanding, and skills. It must be spaced properly over the guarter. It is usually conducted after a unit of work and/or at the end of an entire guarter to determine how well learners can demonstrate content knowledge and competencies articulated in the learning standards. Learners synthesize their knowledge, understanding, and skills during the summative assessment. The results of this assessment are used as bases for computing grades.

Authentic Assessment
Authentic Assessment will also focus more on student attitudes and students’ daily learning processes, so this assessment does not focus too much on the final results of student evaluations, but the daily processes are also assessed.

All evaluations were carried out in the Mid and Final tests. Then at the end of the lesson plan, an evaluation will also be conducted to measure students’ understanding of the material that has been given.