Holiday !!!

Holiday !!!

We spent our holiday by visited so many beautiful place in Philippines. With our Coordinator (Ma’am Lillian), that always accommodated us very well. The other Sea Teachers sometimes follow us, but sometimes when they are busy with their schedule, they skip it.


Was a beautiful beach like a private beach, with white sand and clear blue water, it really comfort our feeling.
I could not explain how beautiful this place are, because it’s really nice !!! I’m so glad can visited this kind of  amazing place.

Tangkaan beach
monument of Philippines’s War

And there is a monument for remembering Philippines’s War. It is so nice and so artistic.
We had our lunch together there, Ma’am Lillian’s husband grilled fish for us, and Ma’am Stella bring some food for us too, like spaghetti.

Happy Lunch


Sea Teacher Student with colleagues and our coordinator (Ma’am Lillia) visited Agas-Agas Bridge, this was the highest bridge in Philippines, when i looked down the bridge, it’s really scarry. All the object looks so small, told us how high this bridge was.

Welcome to Agas-Agas Bridge

Yolanda Monument

Yolanda is the big typhoon in Philippines, especially in Tacloban, so many people died because of this typhoon, for remembering that, people build a monument.

Nino Chruch

It’s an old church in Tacloban City, i really love the architectural of this church, because it’s so unique.

Macarthur Landing Memorial Park

It’s a park with a monument

San Juanico Bridge

The next was the longest bridge in Philippines, this bridge is connect Leyte Island and Samar Island